Gravure et manufacturiers Précision inc. - The lettering specialist


GRAVURE & MANUFACTURIERS PRÉCISION INC. specializes in lettering and all types of engraving. We offer the best quality by using state-of-the-art computerized industrial equipment. Il could be big or small, we will offed an incomparable professional workmanship. We are experts wiht all types of materials including: aluminium, plastics, iron, bronze and stainless steel.


GRAVURE & MANUFACTURIERS PRÉCISION INC. takes care of high tech equipement in the following fields: smelting, electronics, computers, aciation accessories, optical, armments as well as aeronautical industries are part of our clients.

When it comes to the engraving and serigraphy industry GRAVURE & MANUFACTURIERS PRÉCISION INC. are the specialists in the production of identification plaques, bulletin board, cut-out letters, synoptic boards, rubber stamps, metal stamps, name tags as well as vinyl letters.


All parts the GRAVURE & MANUFACTURIERS PRÉCISION INC. uses has to pass through our rigorous inspection throuht our quality control departement before being used.


All our products ho through the final stages of finishing which include: polishing, varnishing, painting, etc. depending on your needs. All pieces are than package carefully before delivery. GRAVURE & MANUFACTURIERS PRÉCISION INC. specialises in all your engraving needs. We offers services to all types of industries, il you need something engraved we will be able to do it.